Saturday, February 13, 2016

VEGAN yay or neh?

To go VEGAN or not to go VEGAN!!! Lately I've been feeling like I should stop eating meat after reading all of the benefits it brings to the table.  Reduced risk of heart disease/cancer/cholesterol blah blah blah lol but how does one just stop eating meat?!?!


This movie FORKS OVER KNIVES is totally worth watching! These 2 books have been a lot of help with recipes to stop eating meat! However I have also been just making up my own recipes or using ones that my dad (who eats VEGAN for periods of time not all the time) makes.

Couscous with bell peppers parsley and a vinegrette.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Weightloss is an ADVENTURE!

I begin this weight loss ADVENTURE not for myself in the sense of my physical appearance (although that is a nice plus) but because at the age of 27 I weigh 206lbs, my biological mother had a HEART ATTACK at an early age and I have a god damn sweet tooth the size of TEXAS!!!

I am at risk of diabetes and heart disease... YIKES!

I really don't want either of these or any of the other health risks that comes with being overweight.  I am a 27 year old female I have a 30.4% BMI and I am on the verge of going from the overweight part of the height weight chart to Obese!!!

I started out before my wedding trying to lose weight for all the wrong reasons. I wanted to look good in my wedding dress (totally normal right). After the wedding I didn't have that drive and stopped trying and settled into some bad habits and routines. I gained 10LBS!!!! Holy Crap!!

So that's my spiel. Now on to some lifestyle changes.

SW: 206
CW: 201

<3 Madisen